Benefits Of Finding A Bugaboo Stroller

Bugaboo pushchairs are massively popular now. eye-catching and costly in equal measure, you’ve got to ask whether turning heads is actually worth the cost. The maker and designer, Max Barenbrug would argue that a Bugaboo pushchair is more about a lifestyle choice than a mode of baby transportation, but is this simply a clever marketing tactic, engineered to part excited new mothers and fathers from their hard earned money?

Since a cameo on Sex and the City, back in the late 90s a Bugaboo push chair has been the buggy of choice for many a celebrity and lots of ordinary folk searching for a more exhilarating and distinctive pram. And there’s no doubt that the trademark Bugaboo design is very stylish. Minimalist and modern, with bright and funky seat covers, Bugaboo prams definitely stand proud of the gang. The BMW of pushchairs, owning a Bugaboo is kind of a status symbol and if you do decide to buy one, be prepared for some jealous stares from other folks! However style is one thing, a functional and practical pushchair is another – Bugaboo say that their buggies deliver on both fronts, but when put to the test do their pushchairs truly offer something new , something better than the other prams out there?

Definitely, their light aluminum chassis designs are robust and tough as well as being specific and minimalist. Little details, like the revertible handle on the Cameleon pushchair suggest that real thought has been put into parent and child-friendly design features. Being able to change your buggy from rear to forward facing with just the flip of a handle is a perfect time and bother saver for frazzled parents! Equally, the one-handed fold mechanism offered by the Bugaboo Bee shows that Barenbrug is in harmony with the practical wishes of folks. Therefore maybe the actual reason for their acclaim is the ability of the Bugaboo pushchair to combine style and glamour with functionality. Although, maybe a luxury pushchair, Bugaboo prams are designed to last from birth until the infant age, offering the perfect travel solution for each stage, without the need to buy anything else ; so though a Bugaboo is a big investment, it is a complete travel solution.

Again, the thought and care that has gone into planning the Bugaboo range can be seen in their selection of the Maxi Cosi vehicle seat to convert the pushchair into a travel system. Maxi Cosi design a fantastic range of child carriers, with comfortable and snug seat design to keep young babies safe. And the Bugaboo seat units themselves have all been made with support and guidance from leading paediatricians, to guarantee the perfect support for miniscule, fragile pricks. Maybe initially, the successfulness of Bugaboo pushchairs might have been ascribed to clever marketing and celebrity endorsement, but in the end over 10 years the substance behind the style is what has helped the brand to be successful. Most pushchairs are made by giant corporations, who employ designers to form their products, but Bugaboo was established by Max Barenbrug, a designer with a vision of his own. This vision is clear to see through the design of all of the Bugaboo strollers. His ability to combine a style statement with practical and handy design features sets Bugaboo apart from the other brands out there.

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