Tips And Tricks That Will Help You During Pregnancy

Staying healthy as an expectant mother is easy if you stay on top of your medical care. Here are a few pointers for a healthy pregnancy.

Cats sometimes carry a parasite which can cause a harmful disease called toxoplasmosis. This disease can be transferred through the cat litter to you. Let someone else clean the litter box to reduce your risk of getting toxoplasmosis.

When it comes to lifting heavy objects, you should never be afraid to seek out help. Miscarriages can and do happen due to excessive lifting. This didn’t even bring up the unnecessary back strain. So, even though you think the weight is manageable to you, you should still have someone lift and carry heavy items for you.

When it comes to treating heartburn or nausea, it’s best to rely on natural remedies. A lot of remedies you can buy at the pharmacy are not good for pregnant ladies! Ask your family physician if he or she can recommend any home remedies that would help, and if he or she doesn’t know, you can ask your pharmacist.

If you are making the move towards eating better and living a healthier life, then encourage your partner to do so as well. If you are both on the same page in regards to food and activity, your relationship will be happier, and consequently, so will your baby.

Even during the later months of pregnancy, an extra 300 calories is all that is needed each day. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and even a longer labor. Eat only until you’re full, and make healthy choices for your meals.

Caving in to your cravings isn’t the best idea, when you’re pregnant. The nutrition of your child is top priority and should be considered before any craving. Eating every little thing you want will fulfill your personal food craving, but may not be the healthy food that your unborn child needs.

You should be taking prenatal vitamins prior to getting pregnant. The first trimester is when your baby is developing their neural system which includes their spinal cord and brain. Your own nutrition, even from the instant of conception, is very important. It’s essential that you have sufficient amounts of folic acid, iron and calcium during this time frame.

During pregnancy, pay special attention to your teeth and overall oral health. Your gums may start to bleed or swell during brushing and flossing, because the hormones related to pregnancy begin increasing. It’s advisable to use a softer toothbrush and floss more gently than before.

Many women find it difficult or impossible to sleep well during pregnancy. You can add magnesium supplements to your diet which can help you sleep better at night. This is because your legs are less likely to cramp letting you get the rest you need and deserve.

Heartburn can be an annoying factor during a pregnancy. Try to avoid heartburn by limiting bad foods. Acidic foods, and those with high spice content are frequent culprits of heartburn. Try eating more frequent smaller meals, then chewing and eating them completely and slowly prior to swallowing.

Learn what the signs of premature labor are. Be as knowledgeable as you can on the subject, so you can know when calling the doctor is needed.

Towards the end of the second trimester, massage your belly on a daily basis. Be sure to support your back with pillows when lying in bed or sitting on the couch. Use oil, not lotion, and massage your belly using light pressure. You could also turn on smoothing music. Also, do not forget to breathe. This will help you relax, and it will also soothe the baby.

If conceiving is something you are attempting to do, then learn how to monitor and track your cycles. If you know your cycle well, then you can pinpoint when you will ovulate. It can also help pinpoint when you actually became pregnant if you have already conceived.

To decrease joint swelling and inflammation while pregnant, mothers should avoid sitting down for too long. Many expectant mothers will experience swelling of the feet and ankles by day’s end. This is due to the strain on the circulation in your lower body during pregnancy. Extended sitting, such as in a car or at your desk, can aggravate the swelling. To cut down on swelling, sleep on your body’s left side, use cold water for foot soaking, eschew tightly banded socks and don’t cross your legs around your ankles when seated.

Human skin has the ability to expand, but it has it’s limits. It is perfectly normal for the belly to itch as it is growing during pregnancy. Taking a hot shower or a bath should be avoided, since it will not take the itching away. The hot water strips the skin of its natural oils and makes it itch more. Use a heavy moisturizer, such as petroleum jelly or cocoa butter. Remember to wear comfortable, loosely fitting apparel, and stop scratching!

Proper medical care during pregnancy, birth, and after birth ensures that both mother and child stay healthy. Experienced mothers know that following specific guidelines can ease the emotional and physical burdens associated with pregnancy. Good prenatal care and postnatal care is not just a luxury, it is important to the well being of mom and baby.

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