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Parenting Skills that can Make You a Better Parent

Even if your kids are all older now there is still time to improve your parenting skills. Every kid is different and the needs of each child changes as he or she gets older. This is why parents have to figure out how to keep up with their growing kids and be ready to make changes as they are called for. Here are some of the most important parenting skills that will help you be the best parent you can be.

Consistency is so important when it comes to disciplining your children. This is not an easy quality for many parents to display, but if you lack it you can be sure your children will not take your directives very seriously. It is important to put real and honest thought into your rules and punishments, don’t make any promises or threats that you won’t actually carry out if you have to. For example, if you tell your daughter she can’t watch television for a week, don’t let her watch television for a week. If you don’t you’ll send the message that you don’t stick to your guns and it is okay to ignore you. Kids are going to, of course, test their boundaries so you need to be firm. One particular skill that you and your kids would do well to learn is time management. Parents who have a problem with time usually end up with kids who inherit this difficulty. Children (and grown ups alike) are particularly susceptible to feelings of frustration when they feel like they’re running out of time to complete their tasks (like homework). It’s a good idea to instill at least basic time management strategies into your child’s awareness as early as possible. Because you are the parent and the schedule is usually in your hands, your first goal should be to become very skilled in time management yourself.

Lots of kids today are in the habit of spending each and every spare moment in front of their television sets, computer screens or on their phones. For this reason, one of your parenting skills should be the ability to instill the ability to value free play. Aside from any organized activities you’ve signed them up for, don’t forget the value of old fashioned parks and playgrounds, or arranging play dates with other kids. Research shows that kids who don’t play enough are prone to social problems like aggression, ADD and depression. You can encourage this by having family days on the weekends that involve lots of outdoorsy stuff like swimming and hiking.

These are just a few of the considerations and skills that every good parent should be aware of. Parenting skills involve many different things from active listening to your kids to knowing when they need to be disciplined. Being a good parent means finding the sweet spot that exists between being involved and helping them learn to find their own ways.

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